2 kids, one badge…
and a whole load of NHS frontline staff

We have gone national! We want to give away more free pins, but we can only do this if you donate, so we can make more.

Frontline healthcare worker with pin badge
Daniel and Samira Sanders

We have already made more than 24,000 pins and given them free to NHS frontline staff in the UK, but we want to make more…

The story of Frontline Pin

Covid 19 (the corona virus) arrived in our country on the 29th of January 2020, and our whole world changed. Those of us working in the frontline of the NHS have seen first-hand what is happening to the people of our country, our elderly, our grandparents and our loved ones.

What started in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Hull, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster, has spread through social media and NHS word of mouth, and has now reached Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Leicester, Norwich, Surrey, London and many more places! Please donate so we can manufacture and give away more pins when NHS frontline staff request them!

“Thank you so much! I will honestly keep my pin in my memory box and hopefully show my future children it to help explain what happened! I will wear it with pride.”

Millie, NHS frontline

My name is Samira Sanders, I’m 15 years old, and my 12 year old brother is called Daniel. In January this year, we saw COVID-19 (coronavirus) arrive in our country and we watched the whole world change. 

Our parents are both NHS workers in South Yorkshire so we have been hearing from them (as well as the news) about what people have been going through. 

We kept asking what we could do to help!  

Our Mum then tested positive for coronavirus in March so we spent a while in self-isolation. During this time we began designing a badge for NHS frontline workers. We spent about 2 weeks trying different shapes and combinations of colours until we finally found our favourite. We also created a scrapbook to show all our different ideas and designs.

Daniel and I were born in Sheffield, and are lucky to have a local badge maker (three generations) at the House of Logo who were kindly prepared to help. They helped bring our designs to life by faithfully transcribing the images to give the final result.

Sanders children
Pin badge sketches

We are giving our badges away for free to as many health care workers on the UK frontline as possible to help show our gratitude and hopefully bring solidarity.

We are just trying to say thank you to our NHS frontline staff. 

We feel that the badge symbolises our struggle against coronavirus – we really hope that it means something to you too.

Please give what you can, anything would help.

Pin badge progression